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envo® mask creates revolutionary reusable respirator masks to protect against harmful particulates in industrial work environments and air pollution that can lead to serious health risks. envo® mask was born out of a medical manufacturing business and is made with medical-grade materials. Our filters meet N95 standards and filter out at least 95% of airborne particulates.

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Fog-Free and Pinch-Free

Patent pending vapor barriers solve the fog issue seen in traditional masks. Vapor barriers are large tabs around the nose, sealing even the widest variations from face-to-face around the nose area. Eliminate the need for pinch tabs around the nose and fabric or foam inserts. Vapor barriers truly plug the gaps around the nose area, which is the number one cause of foggy glasses caused by wearing a mask. Fogged glasses is one of the major indicators of a mask that does not seal, and pinching aluminum supports on disposable masks are ineffective and uncomfortable.

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The mask and storage case with replacement filters fit almost anywhere. Have your mask ready when you need it, with several new, clean, sealed electrostatic filters for those unplanned times when you need it.

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Inferior Seal

Taking a break with traditional masks results in contaminating the mask against your chin or forehead. The lack of a form-fitting seal in traditional masks allows dust and particulates to leak through the sides of the mask. Dust on the face under the mask is evidence of a poor seal.



Without an effective seal, safety glasses fog up during use.


Superior Seal

Patented AIRgel® technology creates a soft cushion that contours to your face, creating a custom and comfortable fit, preventing dirt and dust from penetrating the sides of the mask and leaving your face and nose clean. Take breaks without ruining the filter or needing to adjust the QuickFit headgear settings.



Effective seal and anti-fog barriers keep your safety goggles clear and fog-free.