HIDfast, Inc. has developed the first collated air driven HIDden deck fastener. Contractors will find the system to be the fastest, and easiest that they have ever used. This system is similar to a hardwood floor installation, but the patented stainless steel fasteners are much larger, and stronger, with a built-in spacer to help hold a gap between boards. Two 25pc collated fastener strips can be loaded into the pneumatic tool, and then fasten square edge decking, decking with one pre-grooved edge, or decking with both edges pre-grooved. HIDfast can fasten virtually any decking, soft wood, hardwood, composites, and PVC. HIDfast will make all your decking jobs look better, faster.


HIDfast fastens into the edge of the decking and through down into the joist at an angle. Edge fastening gives customers a smooth screw-free decking surface that is safer for bare-feet, and keeps water from puddling around surface fasteners which can cause problems inside of the decking boards and joist. Fasteners are 2.5" or 3' in length. This will enable contractors to install 1", 5/4", and even 2" thick decking material. The future for deck fastening is HIDfast.

Place it once and shoot twice!

EDGEfast locks two edges of PVC and most wood square edge decking with just one placement over the joist. EDGEfast makes a positive connection of decking to joist without any lateral movement.

The EDGEfast patent pending pneumatic tool has interchangeable decking gap guides from 0, 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4", or a custom gap of your choice.

Patent pending fasteners have a stepped cross section for strength and avoid splitting the joist below. Fastener's double point keeps a true drive at the other angle pivot point.

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